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UPDATE: 10/7/2017

Thank you guys for the last few years!! I are now transitioning to a service that is far more personal and allows programming individualized for each clients needs. I am also building out all the modules for If you came from my instagram I have something very special in the works for you! I still intend to keep this site up and running but we are making some changes.

Instead of posting my personal weekly workout program I am now tailoring content specifically to each member. What you will get here is specialized modules for your fitness goals: weight loss, muscle building etc as well as the video database. Your workout plan, diet plan and private mentoring will be delivered individually to you. In this way I will be able to serve both those who do not eat meat at and those that do here. This more focused programming means I will not be able to train such a wide range of clients. Those who I do work with will get much more in depth coaching and accountability so I know this is the right step.

I you would like to apply to work with me please email me at and we will schedule a free ten minute coaching call to see if we are a good fit. Put “coaching”in the subject so I know to schedule a call.


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