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Are you ready to change your life?

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I guarantee I can show you how to get into the best physical shape of your life. I’m looking for the obsessed. Those who are absolutely DONE living a life beneath their potential.

  • Many people waste time in the gym because they are not following an optimal program.  Personal trainers often they haven’t made significant results themselves.

  • My daily workout guide is the comprehensive step by step program that will enable you to harness your potential. Do you want the body, the optimal health and the recognition that comes from making an amazing transformation? Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced bodybuilding competitor – I’ve got you covered.

  • I apologize, but if you want it to be easy this is not for you. If you want to be given gimmicks, you have not come to the right place. This journey will be difficult. It will be worth it. I will show you practical ways to defeat the obstacles that derail most people and how to generate the mindset to succeed.

  • With my subscription based workout program you will simply follow the steps I lay out daily with unlimited access to me along the way should you have questions or need support. I am a certified personal trainer, first place bodybuilding title holder and vegetarian. I am here to ensure your success.

  • You deserve the body and lifestyle of your dreams without the expense of personal training. You need the right program to ensure your success. I’m tired of seeing people spend hours a week in the gym but not obtain high level results. That’s where Jason H Fitness comes in.

For an affordable monthly subscription of $24.99 you get full access to my premier fitness membership website packed with tactical information to elevate your body and life.

When you join I become your personal trainer and mentor. I lay out the exact steps to follow each day to reach your fitness goals. If you aren’t completely satisfied for any reason you can cancel at anytime.


Jason H Fitness Trailer

You need a mentor who  has experienced massive results with the knowledge to help you achieve the same.  

This is Jason. I’m a vegetarian turned weightlifter who gained over 30 pounds of muscle in my first four years of training. My life has completely changed as a result. The good news for you is that my results can be replicated. Through my daily workout program and mentoring I will show you exactly how, step by step.

If you aren’t following a written routine in the gym you are under performing. It’s time to get serious about your fitness potential. This is the perfect opportunity to join a program that will finally get you real results without the guess work of how to get there.

What you get for joining:

    1. A brand new advanced workout plan each day. My daily workouts are designed to get you in the best shape of your life

    2. Unlimited access to a database of  hundreds of workout plans for each muscle group as well as a cardio database for high intensity interval training (HIIT)

    3. Workouts designed for Men and Women 

    4. *NEW* Full in depth video workouts each week

    5. The tips and tricks I use to build muscle as a vegetarian

and of course….

My personal guarantee to not sell you any gimmicks or strategies that sound good but yield poor results. I’m here only to provide the best possible training to optimize your health and fitness ability. 

I’m on a mission to rise above the average standards of our society. We owe it to our family, friends, and most importantly ourselves to reach for our dreams and fearlessly press forward towards our goals. If you wish to live a level ten life, to have the strength to be a rock of support to those in need, I invite you to join my movement.


26IMG_2607Embrace your potential! 


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