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I’m looking for the obsessed. Those who are absolutely DONE living a life beneath their potential.

  • Many people waste time in the gym because they are not following an optimal program.  And then many personal trainers often haven’t made significant results themselves.

  • My complete body and lifestyle transformation blueprint is the comprehensive step by step program that will enable you to harness your potential. Do you want the body, the optimal health and the recognition that comes from making an amazing transformation? Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced bodybuilding competitor – I’ve got you covered.

  • I apologize, but if you want it to be easy this is not for you. If you want to be given gimmicks, you have not come to the right place. This journey will be difficult. It will be worth it. I will show you practical ways to defeat the obstacles that derail most people and how to generate the mindset to succeed.

  • With my coaching program you will simply follow the steps I lay out daily with unlimited access to me along the way should you have questions or need support. I am a certified personal trainer, first place bodybuilding title holder and vegetarian of 10 years. I am here to ensure your success.

  • You deserve the body and lifestyle of your dreams that comes with a powerful transformation. You need the right program and coach to ensure your success. I’m tired of seeing people spend hours a week in the gym but not obtain high level results. That’s where Jason H Fitness comes in.

My time is valuable and I know yours is as well. This is why I only work with those who are very motivated to change their life. If you are unwilling to follow the steps I lay out and take immediate action than it simply does not matter what I give you – it will not work. If you are an action taker than I invite you to read on.

Jason H Fitness Trailer

You need a mentor who has experienced massive results with the knowledge to help you achieve the same.  

This is Jason. I’m a vegetarian turned weightlifter who gained over 30 pounds of muscle in my first four years of training. My life has completely changed as a result. The good news for you is that my results can be replicated. Through my daily workout program and mentoring I will show you exactly how, step by step.

This is the perfect opportunity to join a program that will finally get you real results without the guess work of how to get there.

The three foundations required to achieve a high level transformation my program focuses on:


A transformation is not possible until you change how you communicate with yourself. For this reason, mindset training is a primary focus with all my clients. You don’t have to feel fearful, tired, unmotivated or suffer to achieve success. There are practical techniques that actually make the journey FUN. I want to share with you exactly how to change your thinking to achieve your goals.


You need to know the time you are spending daily taking action is the right steps to achieve your goal. This is why we work together to create a totally customized program to lay out the exact steps to take to achieve your personal transformation.


Without accountability life tends to throw obstacles that end up derailing our success. You need people holding you accountable at a high level to stay on track. My goal is to make your transformation a lifestyle you can maintain. This takes time and consistency. I realize you may be excited to make a change then that passion slows down after a few weeks. That’s why a great coach is so important because they keep you focused and on the life changing results even as obstacles in your life present themselves.

When you become my client you have my personal guarantee to not sell you any gimmicks or strategies that sound good but yield poor results. I’m here only to provide the best possible training to optimize your health and fitness ability. 

I’m on a mission to rise above the average standards of our society. We owe it to our family, friends, and most importantly ourselves to reach for our dreams and fearlessly press forward towards our goals. If you wish to live a level ten life, to have the strength to be a rock of support to those in need, I invite you to join my movement.

Vegan Or Vegetarian?

I specialize in working with those on a plant based diet. Ask about my program specifically tailored to those who do not eat meat.

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Embrace your potential! 

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