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Welcome to The Members Exclusive Area

Welcome! This will be the place I’ll be posting my daily tips and exclusive content you cannot get anywhere else. This is my personal gift to you for joining. We will be deep diving on topics ranging from the gym, health and finances to the recipes I eat and the tactical strategies I’m using to accomplish my goals.

Let’s start with what I’m doing right now: Reverse Dieting.

It is officially two weeks after my last bodybuilding show. I did not give myself enough time to diet. However, I believe once committing to a goal it’s important to follow through. In eight weeks I lost 32 pounds. In the first six weeks I never dropped my calories bellow 3,000 calories a day besides a few lower cab days in the final week.

I’m living proof that you do not have to starve to lose weight. In fact, you can even prepare for a bodybuilding show, go out to eat and live a great lifestyle. Most people think of bodybuilding competitions as something difficult when it comes to the meal prep. Most people don’t understand the power of metabolic conditioning,

The advice I offer you is this: Your diet doesn’t start when you cut calories. It starts when you begin to ADD calories by reverse dieting. By training hard and steadily increasing your calories you are conditioning your metabolism. This means you will be able to eat more while maintaining a lower bodyfat percentage. Not only do you stay leaner while bulking, you will be able to eat more while trying to lose weight and achieve the same rate of success. It gives you a bigger pool to fit your macros in so you can easily hit your protein requirements. And frankly, it just helps you feel better.

As I said above I did not give myself enough time to prepare. In a way, my long period of reverse dieting did help me greatly in the end. I was six weeks out and knew I realistically needed another six weeks to get in perfect stage weight at the rate I was losing weight. And I was still losing weight fast. Too fast to even be optimal. But I was forced to drop my calories to 2,300 a day in the final two weeks to come in exactly where I wanted to.

When I do this again I will give myself much longer and maintain a much higher caloric intake up until the date of my next show. Use my own mistake to your advantage: Trust in the process and give yourself ample time.

It takes time to lose weight. A lot of time. If you can commit to your goals and stay consistent you will have the highest rate of success. By not crash dieting and falling for some quick fad diet you can preserve your metabolic rate while cutting calories. Sure, you will likely lower your metabolism somewhat while dieting, but the increase in calories post diet will not cause you to quickly put on fat like most people experience.

If you want sustained fat loss results after dieting than you must focus on metabolic conditioning, not just fat loss! This means slowly adding in more calories each week after your diet. That is where I am now.

This morning I had 3 pieces of french toast, two pancakes and a giant veggie omelette. It’s only noon and I’m completely full. You DO NOT have to starve to reach your goals. I prefer to eat fewer bigger meals rather than many smaller meals. As I reverse diet I want to show you how it will support muscle gain and allow you to train harder, thus keeping even more fat off as you gain muscle.

I look forward to updating this page daily. It will be extremely personal and tactical. I want you to get an inside look into exactly how I’m taking my body to the next level.

Thank you for joining and I look forward to hearing from you! If there’s anything you would like me to include, please let me know. Connect with me on facebook, instagram or by emailĀ at

Cheers to many future gains