Week 41



Advanced Daily Workouts By JasonHFitness.com

Day 1 Back/Triceps/Abs
1. Lat Pulldown
Sets of 12,10,8,6 Reps adding weight each tim
Behind The Neck Lat Pulldown – Burnout Set 15 reps
(3 rounds, 35 Second rest)

2. V-Bar Pulldown 8 Reps Heavy
Drop Set 8 Reps
(4 Rounds, 60 Second Rest)

3. Single Arm Dumbbell Raise 10 Reps each arm
Seated Cable Row 6 Reps Heavy
Drop Set 10 Reps
Bent Over Reverse Cable Fly 8-12 Reps
Pull-Ups to failure then assisted/jump pullups with a slow decline
(3 rounds, 45 Second Rest)

4. Barbell Row 4-6 Reps
Reverse Grip (Same weight) 4-6 additional reps
Drop Set and do 8 more reps
(3 rounds, 35 second rest)

5. Close Grip Barbell Pres 6-8 Reps
EZ-Curl Bar Skull Crushers 6-8 Reps
Close Grip Barbell Press Drop Set 6-8 Reps
Aim for perfect form
Body Weight Skull Crushers 8-12 Reps
(3 Rounds, 60 Second Rest)

6. Reverse Grip Dumbbell Press
4-6 Reps then 2 more drop sets, same rep range.
Laying Dumbbell Tricep Extension 8 Reps each arm
Seated Overhead Dumbbell Extension
4-6 Reps, then 2 more drop sets, same rep range.
(3 Rounds, 35 Second Rest)

7.Rope Pulldown 10 Reps
Overhead Tricep Extension 8-12 Reps
Hanging Leg Raises – Ankles to Bar 15 Reps
TRX Band Knee Tucks 15 Reps

8. Lay on the floor and contemplate your life choices


Day 2 Chest/Biceps
Warm-up – Lateral Fly 3×15
1. Barbell Bench Press 10 reps
(4 Sets, 60 Second Rest)

2. Incline Dumbbell Power Press HEAVY 6 reps Alternating arms
Video Here
Incline Dumbbell Fly Palms stay in pronated position 10 reps
(4 Sets, 60 Second Rest)

3. High Cable Fly 10 reps
Machine Chest Press 10 reps
Machine Fly 6 reps with a five second pause as your hands come together, 6 more respect at a slow 3/3 second speed.
35 second rest, 5 sets

4. Seated close grip Preacher curls heavy 5-6 reps, drop set and do ten reps
Standing Drag Curl 8-10 reps
60 second rest, 4 sets

5. A. Standing Dumbbell alternating Curl to 90 degrees. Biceps start slightly in front of your body to increase tension. Curl biceps up so elbow is at 90 degrees. This is the starting position. Now alternate each dumbbell and Curl up but stop at 90 degrees as you come down. Pause here and Curl the opposite hand. Continue for 6 reps each arm.
B. Full range of motion curls keeping biceps slightly in frot of torso. 8 reps
C. Single arm machine preacher Curl 8 reps each arm.
35 seconds rest, 4 sets.

Ab Fusion: Stability ball leg raise with hip thrust, 90 degree crunches, toe touches with feet placed on stability ball. 20-25 reps each, 4 rounds. Your rest is doing the cable curls.
AB Fusion Video Here

Day 3 Legs/Abs
1. Barbell Paused Squats 3-5 second hold at parallel
(5 rounds, 45 Second rest)

2. Barbell Squats 10 reps with only 35 second rest between each set.
This is not easy. 7 Rounds. Good Luck. Aim for body weight on bar.

3. Machine Leg Press
7 Reps slow – 6/6 second count
7 quarter reps at the top
7 quarter reps at the bottom
Superset to Leg Press Calf Raises (not shown in video)
15 Reps
(4 Rounds, 60 Second Rest)

4. Machine Leg Extension 6 reps slow 4/4 Count
Single Leg Machine Leg Extension 8 Reps each leg
Back to both legs, one final burnout set with same weight.
Machine Leg Curl 7 Reps
Slow Eccentric Movement
Finish with a burnout keeping the tension on the hamstrings


Day 4 Shoulders/Traps/Abs
1. Warmup
Lateral Fly A
Lateral Fly B (Elbows Pinned at side)
Front Raise with upper arms in line with shoulders
Bent Over rear delt fly
Front Raise (regular)
(repeat 2-3x)

Overhead Press 10-15 reps lightweight
2-3 sets

2. Standing Barbell Overhead Press 10 reps
Standing Plate Front Raise 12-15 Reps
Standing Lateral Fly – Perfect form, slow eccentric motion.
10 reps
(5 rounds, 45 second rest)

3. Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press
Standing Lateral Fly 10 Reps – Heavy with controlled eccentric portion
Seated Lateral Fly 10 reps – Perfect Form
Seated Lateral Fly Half Reps at the bottom – 10 reps
Seated Ez-Curl Bar Front Raise (Supinated Grip) 10 reps
Standing Front Raise 10 reps
Reverse Girp, 10 More reps
Last: Seated Dumbbell lateral to vertical fly (See video for Form)
(3 rounds) 60 Second Rest

4. Rear Delt Cable Fly 10 Reps
Cable Face Pulls Using Rope 12 Reps
Single Arm Cable Fly 8 Reps
Dropset 8 Additional Reps
Cable Front Raise Using Rope 10 Reps
Machine Overhead Press 12-15 Reps to failure
(4 Rounds) 35 Seconds Rest

5. Barbell Shrug 8 Reps Wide Grip
8 Reps Regular Grip
(7 Sets) 35 Second Rest

6. Ab Fusion 4 Sets


Day 5 Chest/Back

Day 1 Chest/Back
Warmup – Lateral Raises 3×15
1. Flat DB press heavy 8 reps
Seated cable row 8 reps
Incline DB press 6 rels
Cable Pulldowns 10 reps
(5 rounds, 35 seconds rest)

2. High cable fly fly 8 reps
Pullups – failure
Low cable row with rope attachment 12 reps
Hammer strength press 8 reps
High cable row with rope attachment 12 reps
(5 rounds, 35 seconds rest)

3. Heavy barbell row 6 reps
Barbell flat bench press 3/3 second count 8 reps
(5 rounds, 35 seconds rest)
4. Isometric Flat Bench Dumbbell Hold – Hold Dumbbells in top of the pressing position with only a slight bend at the elbows. Use a weight you could bench for about 8 reps. Aim to hold for at least 30 Seconds.
20 Assisted Pull-Ups
(5 rounds, 45 second rest)

Day 6 HIIT Outdoor Sprinting Workout:
100 Meter Sprint
50 Meter Lunch Walk
(10 Rounds, 60 Second Rest)