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Dumbbell Press – Flat Bench

Dumbbell Press – Incline Bench

High Cable Fly – Four different variations

Chest Superset 1: Cable Flys high and low, Pushups, Knee Pushups, Static Pushup

Dumbbell Pullover – Chest Focused

Flat Bench Dumbbell Fly

Dumbbell Fly to Close Grip Press – One Movement

Incline Bench Dumbbell Fly

Incline Dumbbell Fly – Neutral Grip

Basic Push-Up Form

Incline Push-Up Using Bench

Diamond Push-Up

Knee Push-Up


Barbell Row

Barbell Row Reverse Grip

Single Arm Dumbbell Row – 45 Degree Angle

Back Superset 1: Close Grip Pulldown, Lat Pulldown, Straight Arm Pulldown

Back Superset 2: Dumbbell Row, Incline Bench Laying Dumbbell Row

Barbell Row to Bodyweight Row

Double Standing Dumbbell Row

Horizontal Barbell Row


Shoulder Superset 1: Standing Military press, 45 Degree Dumbbell Press, Flys, In and out fly

Arnold Press

(More shoulder videos coming this week)


Bicep Superset 1: Barbell Curl, Drag Curl, Incline Isolation Curl

EZ-Curl Bar Close Grip Tricep Press

Laying Single Arm Dumbbell Tricep Extension

Laying Dumbbell Tricep Extension – Both Arms

Reverse Grip Dumbbell Tricep Press

Skull Crushers – Two Versions

Incline Bench Dumbbell Curl – Three Variations

Seated Dumbbell Curl With Inward Rotation


Barbell Squat – Multiple Angles Including Set-up Explanation

Barbell Deadlift Form

Sumo (Wide Stance) Deadlift

High Bar Squat

Machine Squat to Deadlift

Smith Machine Calf Raise Superset – Toes In, Out and Straight

Barbell Lunge In Place – Stepping Back

Barbell Paused Squat

Barbell Bench Step-Up

RDL (Russian Deadlift) 


Cable Crunch

Reverse Cable Crunch with Ankle Straps

Hanging Leg Raise With Cable Resistance

Stability Ball Ab Superset – My go to ab workout

TRX Band Knee Tucks




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