Three Keys To Success You Must Master

Congratulations on taking an important step to bettering your life. If you’re here I can assume you’re like me and know that you have more potential for your health, personal achievement and impact on the world. I’m here because I want to help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and your goals. I’m tired of listening to people who have given up on their own dreams. These same people who quit on themselves have the nerve to say we should slow down and play it safe. Take the safe route. Don’t push too hard because you might get disappointed when you fall short of your goals. Does that mindset sound familiar?

Listen, on your death bed would you rather feel unfulfilled knowing that you only did what was expected of you or would you rather die knowing that you took a leap and chased your real dreams, even when others said they are too risky? We have one shot at this life. There are no repeats. Do not make the mistake of living your life with regrets! I don’t care where you are in life. As long as you have just the DESIRE to become better then greatness is within your reach. I don’t care if you have a negative bank account. The fact you have within you a mind that can think and be inspired than you are never broke. If you feel that you are unhealthy or sick and that you can never obtain the body you want I have similar advice. As long as you’re not dead or then you can achieve a higher state of health and a body you are proud of.

That sounds nice, but how the hell do you get there?

First you need to stop listening to people who lower your standards. If someone’s lifestyle is not congruent with your goals than you need to be cautions of the advice you take. Seek out those who are living the life you want and emulate their actions. Unfortunately, it is sometimes our family members who offer the worst advice. It may even be necessary to distance yourself from those who aren’t living a life that is congruent with what you want. It may seem harsh, but you become like those you surround yourself with. Take a cold hard look at the people you spend the most time with. Chances are you’re finances and health are not too different. Find people who inspire you. Find people who are already where you want to be or are working to get there. I promise you’ll not only get there faster, but any alternative will virtually guarantee you will fail. Surround yourself with people succeeding and chasing their dreams. Start with books, videos and podcasts. Just because you can’t be mentored by someone in person doesn’t mean you can’t use them as a mentor. My rule is to spend time every day learning from those how have achieved the goals I want.

Write down your top five goals in the next ten years.

You should be writing your goals down every single day. I have goals from the month, the year and the next ten plus years. My goals can change from day to day. If you don’t have your goals laid out then you cannot possibly know where you are going and it makes it difficult to formulate a plan.


Increase your income by X amount a month. I came to the conclusion that I will never become a millionaire if I can’t make a thousand dollars more a month. So I started working overtime. For some of you that may mean taking on a second job. Are you willing to do whatever it takes? Good. Than be unreasonable with how much you’re willing to work. Once you get to 4k a month continue producing, selling, taking on side work etc. until you get to 5k. Then Emulate what you’re doing and figure out how to multiply that to 6k and so on. My point is simple. Do not let big lofty goals distract you from the targets you must reach first to get there. Most people can make 4k a month if they are willing to work two jobs. It takes income to produce wealth and it takes wealth to become rich. If you cannot increase your income you will never become wealthy.

“Focus on increasing your income, then saving. You cannot save your way to wealth. You must increase your income.”

How similar this is to working out. You cannot diet your way to a ripped, chiseled physique. You must first increase your calories at some point to build muscle while simultaneously increasing your intensity in the gym to see continued progress.

If you’re only focused on how you can cut expenses then you’ve got your targets all wrong. There are set expenses to living in a free country that you cannot fix. And there are many expenses that you cannot predict and cannot budget for. It doesn’t mean to spend your extra money, it means to put 99% of your effort into increasing your income to a level that outpaces your expenses. Then continue doing it again, and again and again.


If you could go back to 6 months ago and start working out consistently, how good would you feel now? If you’re even a complete novice towards fitness I’ve got good news. You are at the perfect position in your life to make more progress than you’ve ever made towards your fitness goals. You can put on muscle quicker, lose fat quicker and make more noticeable changes to your body than anyone else. The last six months may be gone, but the good news is you have the NEXT six months to make the changes you know you should have made. If you want to get motivated to workout than you need to commit to working hard until you see a result. Motivation is the reward for seeing a result. That’s it. Get deep with yourself. You need to get healthy because you’re an example for everyone else in your life. Stop being selfish. Think about the people you love and the people who rely on you. Don’t you want to be the best you can for them?


Nothing is possible without the right mindset. Even with all the money and health a negative mindset makes it pointless. I want to be happy. I’m sure you do also. You have to stop making decisions based on emotions. Some people call this emotional intelligence. I call it disregarding emotions and using intelligence before you make a decision. Ask yourself if a thought will serve you. Stress, hate, gossip….negativity. None of those will help you. Practicing gratitude, smiling, being the positive one regardless of outside circumstances are characteristics of someone strong. The weak and untrained mind gives into feelings of jealousy and is ruled by negative mindsets while blaming external sources for their circumstances. The trained mind lifts others up. The trained mind is so busy focused on success they don’t have time to put others down. What side of success are you on?