Think Like an Achiever

There’s a reason why one person get’s up at 5am to read while someone else get’s up at 8am and rushes to prepare for their day. When you study top achievers you begin to see patterns in their behavior that differentiate them. My question; however, is how do achievers think? What is the thought process that would drive someone to wake up at 5am and start working before even going to their normal job?

What I’m about to share is very powerful. I recommend you write it down because it can change your life. It is a simple thought pattern that can help you implement any positive change into your life. You have to understand you have ultimate control over your thinking. Your thoughts ultimately become your reality. So be extremely careful what line of thoughts and excuses you make if you want to be successful. There’s a very high probability your excuses are not valid.

How do you know if an excuse is valid? Simply ask this:

Has anyone in your situation ever accomplished the goal you want to accomplish? If yes, then that excuse is no longer valid.

So let’s stop making excuses and get excited. Here’s how the top achievers think….

Motivation happens when you start to see results. It is a useless and fleeting concept for starting a new habit. Instead understand how to think like an achiever:

Philosophy → Values →  Action →  Results →  Feelings/Motivation

This is the order in which you should tackle a new goal.

Philosophy – Working out is something so beneficial it is ridiculous not to do it. I believe the most successful people make their physical health a priority. Physical health directly influences mental health and has a great impact on how you do anything in life.

Values – Above all else I value the feeling of being healthy and chose to sacrifice short term comforts for long term prosperity.

Actions – Regardless of how I feel I will take action. I chose to act based on my intelligence, not my emotions. I understand I have ultimate control over my actions and chose to be master of my body and mind.

Results – These are quantifiable consequences of the actions you take. Results never proceed action. The results you get directly follow the actions you take. And the actions you take are based on the values and philosophy you hold (your thoughts).

Feelings – Only after I have seen results will I ask myself how I feel. To do so any sooner means basing my actions on how I feel which could change at any time.

Motivation – Congratulations. You seen your hard work over the weeks turn into a results. Maybe you’ve lost weight, you’ve seen your strength go up, someone complimented you or you look better in the mirror. Regardless, motivation is simply the reward of working hard. It has little to do with the foundation of habit building. It is just a bonus. Some days you might not feel motivated. Always go back to your philosophy and values before you decide you should quit.

As you can see, true lasting motivation isn’t a process to accomplish a goal but a result of seeing progress towards that goal. Sometimes it’s fun to get a little boost of motivation. But that high can easily disappear so build a foundation on values.

Only when I valued becoming a greater person have I found the willpower to press through all the moments I don’t feel motivated. Those are the times that matter. They are the perfect opportunities to accelerate your actions into habits. The second you don’t feel like doing something take note of that but don’t act on that feeling. Instead write down the things you truly value and why working towards them is so valuable.

Lastly, remember this. In many years of working out I have never regretted going to the gym or doing that harder task first.

How will you change your philosophy to match the lifestyle you want to have?