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What you get: A step by step program updated monthly to maximize your fitness results.

A new workout program I deliver to you every month. Beginner to Advanced options. Male and Female specific programs.

Ideal for: Weight Loss, Muscle Building, Toning and Contest Prep

My Personal Training Program and Protocols


-Weekly written workout (men’s and women’s) plus access to library of hundreds from prior weeks.

-Library of instructional videos detailing proper form for nearly every exercise

-Full length video workouts

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12 Week Ultimate Transformation Package “The Fit-Life blueprint”

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The highest level of support I offer my clients. The difference between having information and getting results is taking consistent action. This program exists for one reason: to get you to the life changing results you desire. Having the right knowledge is not enough. Allow me be brutally honest here. I spent years telling people exactly what we already know: eat healthy and exercise. Breaking it down into the most basic steps possible wasn’t enough to guarantee a transformation.

I found that it wasn’t a lack of information that was the barrier to getting results. It was a lack of accountability and mindset training to create a shift that fundamentally alters a person’s state of being. How hard is it to make a massive life shift when everyone you know is going the opposite direction? Sometimes it feels impossible. More knowledge will not get you results. It must be paired with the right level of consistent action and that demands accountability. That’s where my program comes in. Would you agree that if you had mentorship and accountability through mandatory weekly meetings, personal coaching calls, and deep diving into the details of personal transformation you would finally see massive results in your life?

This program is not for those unwilling to invest in themselves financially. You need skin in the game to hold you accountable. Giving this information away for free would be a disservice to you. It is very difficult to reach a new level alone. I speak from personal experience. In any area of your life you want to excel in you should be searching for mentors.

Fill out this short type form to apply for a one-on-one coaching call. If I feel we are a good fit then I will be in contact to schedule a quick ten minute coaching call. This is to learn more about you and discover if we are a perfect fit to work together.

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There are three foundations required to achieve a high level transformation my program focuses on:


A transformation is not possible until you change how you communicate with yourself. For this reason, mindset training is a primary focus with all my clients. You don’t have to feel fearful, tired, unmotivated or suffer to achieve success. There are practical techniques that actually make the journey FUN. I want to share with you exactly how to change your thinking to achieve your goals.


You need to know the time you are spending daily taking action is the right steps to achieve your goal. This is why we work together to create a totally customized program to lay out the exact steps to take to achieve your personal transformation.


Without accountability life tends to throw obstacles that end up derailing our success. You need people holding you accountable at a high level to stay on track. My goal is to make your transformation a lifestyle you can maintain. This takes time and consistency. I realize you may be excited to make a change then that passion slows down after a few weeks. That’s why a great coach is so important because they keep you focused and on the life changing results even as obstacles in your life present themselves.

Now, although it may be tempting to join a program like this, I am only interested in those who will take action. The members who have the most success are those who jump right in and follow the steps each week. If you are interested in creating a personal transformation that extends from your body to mindset, I invite you to join my movement.

Be great,

Jason H

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“The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is how you live your own life.”

Jason Hughey is a Certified Trainer with over ten years of coaching experience, a vegetarian athlete and holds first place titles in bodybuilding and men’s physique.

Instagram: @JasonHFitness



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