Consistency – The Most Important Factor on Your Path to Success

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Our bodies are incredible and can do incredible things if the mind allows it. Luckily, the harder you push yourself the easier training hard becomes.  How many of us dread training legs? I certainly did at one point! I even admit there were a number of “missed leg days” because I was a runner and that was plenty, right? Hmmm not quite. I hardly saw any progress in my leg development until I started training them each week. And I still found it difficult to motivate myself at times on leg day. So what did I do?

I now train legs 2x per week. At first it was hard. But our bodies adapt quickly. The extra leg session each week compared to the occasional missed leg day was a game changer. Not only did my body adapt to leg training in a matter of weeks, the suffering and feelings of leg day dread totally stopped! I always look forward to leg day now and as a bonus my legs are far more developed. The point is this: the more days you skip out on training or make excuses the more days you will suffer when you eventually decide to train. The best way to love the gym is to dive in and give it everything you have. Consistency is your greatest ally.

How many people do you know who get inspired to workout then give up after a few weeks? *Raises hand* Yes this used to be me!! Hands down the most difficult part of getting in shape is the beginning. Your tolerance for training is at its lowest point. And that’s great because when you stick with it everything will get better! And chances are you will start to love the challenge, to love pushing yourself everyday. It will become a reward. It will become something you look forward to.

Despite this, inevitably many people do quit. Maybe for a few weeks, months or even longer. But no one can deny the importance of being healthy. Especially as our health starts to slip away. Time to go back to the gym! And the cycle repeats. My hope for you reading this is that you don’t fall into that trap. That you continue training each week and watch yourself progress. And progress is slow! You need to be in it for the long haul and it needs to be a lifestyle. Let me tell you this: three months, six months or even a year from now it is a decision you will not regret!!

If you take one thing from me remember this: be consistent. Even if you are not training optimally, even if you are not eating optimally, being in it for the long haul can still yield impressive results overtime. I hope, however, that by using my website and subscribing to my workout planner you can eliminate  most of the common training mistakes and misconceptions so prevalent  in the fitness world from the get go. This way once you make fitness a lifestyle nothing will hold you back from obtaining the body you deserve!