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There are three foundations required to achieve a high level transformation my program focuses on:


A transformation is not possible until you change how you communicate with yourself. For this reason, mindset training is a primary focus with all my clients. You don’t have to feel fearful, tired, unmotivated or suffer to achieve success. There are practical techniques that actually make the journey FUN. I want to share with you exactly how to change your thinking to achieve your goals.


You need to know the time you are spending daily taking action is the right steps to achieve your goal. This is why we work together to create a totally customized program to lay out the exact steps to take to achieve your personal transformation.


Without accountability life tends to throw obstacles that end up derailing our success. You need people holding you accountable at a high level to stay on track. My goal is to make your transformation a lifestyle you can maintain. This takes time and consistency. I realize you may be excited to make a change then that passion slows down after a few weeks. That’s why a great coach is so important because they keep you focused and on the life changing results even as obstacles in your life present themselves.

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Let’s knock your fitness and health goals out of the park!

I have helped hundreds of people on their path toward personal development. I do this because I know the healthier we become the more happiness we will experience which increases our power to help our friends and families.

“The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is how you live your own life.”

Jason Hughey is a Certified Trainer with over ten years of coaching experience, a vegetarian athlete and holds first place titles in bodybuilding and men’s physique.

Instagram: @vegetarian_Athletics

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