Bicep Superset 1: Barbell Curl, Drag Curl, Incline Isolation Curl

  1. Standing Barbell Curl. Focus on the engaging the biceps and full range of motion. Generally I prefer to place my arms slightly in front of my body. In this video my goal was to go a bit heavier. This is really the maximum amount of upper body movement or swing you should allow. Even less to zero movement as you decrease the weight is ideal. As fatigue sets in on the final rep I increase time under tensions during the eccentric phase instead of performing an additional rep with poor form.
  2. Drag Curl (Variation 1). Difficult to explain, drag curls can be done in two methods that I use. One here is literally dragging the bar up. I lean forward slightly and bring attempt to bring the barbell up without allowing my elbows to move up. This forces the weight to drag at an angle against my body. When done correctly the burn in your arms is absolutely unreal.
  3. Incline Bench Dumbbell Curl. There are many different ways to preform this exercise. Here I show you my absolute favorite to cause ultimate arm destruction. Using a lower incline on the bench, I lay down and raise my arms keeping them both out and straight. My upper arms never leave this position. Only my elbow bends as I now curl the dumbbell. This forces a contraction when the muscle is totally stretched. Do this exercise slow and with light weight. Anything too heavy will force your upper arms to drop, thus making the movement easier.


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