Barbell Squat – Multiple Angles Including Set-up Explanation

The key here is to get tight. I squeeze my back together and almost pinch the bar in between my upper back as I make initial contact with the bar. I focus on keeping my core tight the entire lift including as I setup. It’s important to note that I do not lazily walk up to the bar. For me, part of my squat ritual involves a bit of these excited movements. This helps the body focus and primes my mind to know it’s time to move some weight. By repeating the same thing each time my form is always predictable.

After getting in position, I quarter squat the bar off the squat rack and take one small step back with each leg. I do not spend excess energy trying to get into position. By taking the same two steps each time I’ve perfected the setup and can focus on keeping my entire body ridged.

Finally, I breath out then take one large breath in and brace my core while holding my breath as I begin to go down into the squat. For heavier weight, I will almost always hold my breath until I come up again. Then I would take another large breath, brace and descend. I find this helps to stabilize my upper body. For higher rep ranges I will partially breath out as I squat up.

Depth here is to parallel. Focus on a controlled decent. Do not rely on momentum to bounce out of the hole. A slight pause at the bottom is ideal.

Video 1 (Back View)

Video 2 (Back and side view)

Video 3 (Front View)

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