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Early on I discovered few things are more rewarding than pushing myself physically and mentally. We live in a society that puts little value on fitness and nutrition. Walk into most grocery stores or restaurants and it’s evident. Obesity is among the worst mass murders our species faces. What I have found is that the majority of us don’t have to go through life suffering. You don’t have to feel sick. If you think working out is hard living a life of pain as your body deteriorates from lack of use surely must be harder. Why not get a reward from your struggling? I created this website to help guide others in their quest to become a better person. I’m on a mission to help you succeed!


Winning 1st Place in Men’s Physique

My Background

My first brush with athleticism came in high school when I participated in varsity track and soccer. No matter how good my skills were my overall conditioning was vital in both sports. Growing up with asthma I once believed I would never be able to preform on levels of my peers. Undaunted I kept participating in sports, growing stronger along the way. I found that by maintaining my conditioning I virtually eradicated my asthma. Only when I stopped training did I again see signs of labored breathing.

Before Collage

Untrained top left, a tiny bit of training bottom left, skinny jeans I’d have to donate right

​At 17 years of age I borrowed my Dad’s copy of “Body For Life” and devoured every page. It gave me the knowledge base to design my first workout and diet plan. I saw some progress and kept learning. Before I knew it I had found my passion. My hunger for fitness also inspired me to become a vegetarian for health and humane reason. That’s not to say I still didn’t have much to learn. Being naive I would occasionally find myself unmotivated or make excuses and stop working out for 2-3 months before jumping back into training again. It wasn’t until I came across a fitness competition that I made the decision to give it my all.

At age 21 I entered a three month body transformation competition on Reddit called “Body Transformation Challenge” or BTFC. I hadn’t been training all summer at that point. I was tired of the start and stop game. As you can see, staying consistent was absolutely game changing. They are still doing new competitions every few months and it has grown exponentially. Check it out yourself! I managed to beat out hundreds of applicants for 2nd place and still remain the only competitor to place who has gained more muscle weight than fat lost (until the weight gain category was added). It was only the start of my new life focused on becoming the best version of myself I could.

Side 0-3 years overlay

3 year progress or replaced by a more perfect android robot?

Physically I made changes, but the most powerful have been those you cannot see. My outlook on life has changed not to mention my work ethic has increased incredibly. My confidence is boosted and my passion stirred by the results I see each month. Emotionally I feel stable, focused and ready to take on whatever challenges come my way. Happiness has never felt so attainable each day. When we talk about getting in shape the benefits beneath the surface are harder to communicate. My point is that training hard is far bigger than just trying to look good. It can become the very basis for how you live your life and approach any obstacle in your path.

2.5 years collage

My Natural Habitat

I plan to keep improving my physique and see where the hard work takes me. What I know for certain is training has given me intense peace of mind and determination to conquer challenges outside of the gym. I want to share this gift with others. It is something fame or fortune cannot buy. It is only attainable with a daily investment you pay to your health, the most important and I’d argue most rewarding investment in the world.


April 2015 Bodybuilding Competition


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