Ab Fusion

The Ab Fusion:

This is a combination of three different movements using a stability ball. I literally have used this for 50% of my ab training months on end. You can even do this with a pillow between your legs if lacking a stability ball or on the road. One set means doing all three back to back for 20-25 reps each.

1) First do leg raises with the stability ball pinched between your feet. At the top of the leg raise do a hip thrust and reach your feet towards the ceiling. Keeping your legs straight, lower them back down slowly with control. Stop just before the ball touches the floor.

2) Next do 90 degree crunches with your feet on the stability ball. Your knees will be bent at 90 degrees with your heels resting on the stability ball. Reach your chin towards the ceiling when you crunch. Good form makes the difference.

3) Lastly, while laying flat on the ground keep your feet straight and place your heels on the stability ball. Now reach out with both hands towards your feet, raising your torso up a few inches. Keep your arms straight the entire movement. Lower yourself back to the floor. That’s one rep.  30 second rest tops after you complete all three! Repeat for prescribed reps. (I will post a demo video soon and link it here)

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